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Amplifier ME60 12V 280W x 4CH at

13.8V /2 Ohm peak with volume control (operating voltage range 11V - 16V)

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Part # 08.17.0040 | OEM # ME60

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The ME60 is a four channel 120 Watts RMS audio amplifier capable of delivering up to 30W RMS per channel. It has a compact, water resistant design that allows for flexible mounting possibilities, and makes it simple to expand the audio system capabilities for any installation.


  • To add additional loudspeakers to a current audio system
  • To provide amplification for a separate audio zone
  • As a stand-alone system amplifier for any audio source
  • To power standard speakers or speakers and subwoofer


Part number 08.17.0040
Model ME60
Speaker impedance 2-8ohm
Output power (4ohm load) 20 Watts RMS per Channel (50W peak),
Output power (2 ohm load) 30 Watts RMS per Channel (70W Peak)
Freqency response 20Hz-40kHz
Low pass crossover 18 - 245 Hz
Operating voltage 13.8V dc (10V-16V)
Maximum current draw (full power) 8-10amps
Dimensions (approx. W x H x D) 174mm x 116mm x 39mm (6-7⁄8” x 4-9⁄16” x 1-9⁄16”)
Installation clearance 250mm free space top/sides
Weight 1.33lbs.
Volume control cable length 290cm/114”


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