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Cover Grey neoprene for 7.7" M & MX

series ETX enclosed Speaker Systems (v2 or v3)

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Part # 08.17.0252 | OEM # JL95850

Stock Status: In stock

AED 477.00


Having undergone over 1000 hours of salt/fog and UV testing, these durable protective cases are designed to provide stylish but serious protection for M and MX-Series ETX Enclosed Speaker Systems (v2 or v3). Constructed from 3mm Neoprene, each cover is laminated with dark gray spandex and classically finished with a woven “JL Audio / How we play” trim label. This marine-ready material is UV-resistant and features tiny laser-cut holes at the bottom that are just big enough to let water drain out, and purposely small enough to never let insects in. A single, high-quality #5 zipper with locking slider on the front facilitates quick and easy covering or removal. This case is the perfect solution to problematic dust, grime and other environmental agents that can be harmful to your speaker while your boat is docked or trailered. Owners of ETXv2/v3 Enclosed Speaker Systems, these are for you. Protect your investments. Designed to work with any mounting clamp/application. 

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All Cover for 7.7" ETX enclosed tower coaxial system (pair)


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