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MasterShunt 500

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Part # 08.16.0006 | OEM # 77020110

Stock Status: In stock

AED 1,660.00 Excluding VAT


Applications: Any application in marine, mobile, industrial, infrastructure where batteries need to be monitored for increased reliability, battery life, comfort and runtime.

  • Digital shunt providing the energy system with extensive information and historical data
  • Very accurate and reliable determination of State of Charge (SOC).
  • Easy connection to all MasterBus devices.
  • Power saving mode for reduced idle consumption.
  • Service mode prevents memory loss during system maintenance
  • Realistic and precise indication of the time remaining.
  • Smart MasterBus powering mode reduces idle consumption to a bare minimum.
  • For higher current, multiple MasterShunt models may be installed in parallel.
  • MasterConnect system makes connecting to the DC Distribution product very easy.
  • Straight forward, easy to install.
  • Freedom of choice for fuse type, rating and location. Suitable for T-fuse and ANL-fuse (to be ordered separately).
  • Robust housing with isolation of the DC connections.


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MasterBus powering Yes, incl. Smart MasterBus Powering
Battery voltage 12, 24 or 48 V DC
Current 300 A continuously, 400 A for 10 min., 500 A for 5 min. and 600 A for 2 min.
Main fuse bus bar included in MasterShunt, Class T fuse or ANL fuse to be ordered separately
Idle consumption 23 mA (normal operation), <1 mA (power saving, MasterBus off)
System functionality alarms, timers, auto start/stop for the generator
System information e.g. time remaining, voltage, current, state of charge
Programmable alarms warning low voltage, low state of charge, high voltage
Dimensions, hxwxd 150 x 150 x 65 mm
Weight 1.5 lb
Delivered with MasterShunt, temperature sensor, MasterBus Terminator, MasterBus cable, isolation cover for DC connections
Protection degree IP21


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