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Digital Switching

  • Connect the MasterView System or your PC with the MasterBus network. Provides the power and software license key for the MasterView System panel.

     AED 7,667.00
  • Web based, digital assistant Online monitoring of the power system. Remote service tool for service providers. Log book keeps history of events. Automatic e-mail notification of exceptions occurring in the power system Secure, encrypted connection.

     AED 3,215.00
  • User-friendly homepage to monitor and control onboard circuits. Integrated control and monitoring of power products including battery chargers and inverters. Monitor ac/dc power and batteries Monitor tank levels. Receive visible alarms Connect a maximum of three devices simultaneously. Ability to personalise homepage to display favourite circuits, modes & monitoring. Customize your layout. The WI MasterBus connector is required for MasterBus connection (Ordered separately). Hardware The Wireless Interface acts as the hub between MasterBus/ CZone networks and local WiFi devices NOTE: WI MasterBus connector required for MasterBus connection Ethernet connection to connect to other LANs. Connection for configuration updates. Tested to FCC, CE, EMC. Power cable and aerial included.

    (2 items) from AED 4,578.00
  • This touch screen panel offers excellent readability and easy operation. The grey button allows you to turn the display on and off or (un)lock the touch screen. Further operation is via the touch screen. The first (of three) operation level shows a quick system overview the information you need on a day-to-day basis. Product overview & configuration offers more detailed information and the option to change settings. As the MasterBus plug & play connection offers both data and power, only one cable is needed to connect the panel. Benefits: Clearly lit display. Push button for on/off and blockade for unwanted operation Touchscreen operation for all functions White background lighting - red colour for alarm function or night lights Buzzer and alarm function Installation requires only one MasterBus cable for both data and power supply Low power consumption Easy to install, the panel can be flush and surface mounted

     AED 2,001.00
  • Remote panel for reading the charge status of your battery charger, including error notifications.If your dashboard is full and does not offer space for a MasterView panel, this module allows you to integrate the MasterBus Read-out into your own control panel.

    (2 items) from AED 702.00
  • Applications: Any application in marine, mobile, industrial, infrastructure where batteries need to be monitored for increased reliability, battery life, comfort and runtime. Digital shunt providing the energy system with extensive information and historical data Very accurate and reliable determination of State of Charge (SOC). Easy connection to all MasterBus devices. Power saving mode for reduced idle consumption. Service mode prevents memory loss during system maintenance Realistic and precise indication of the time remaining. Smart MasterBus powering mode reduces idle consumption to a bare minimum. For higher current, multiple MasterShunt models may be installed in parallel. MasterConnect system makes connecting to the DC Distribution product very easy. Straight forward, easy to install. Freedom of choice for fuse type, rating and location. Suitable for T-fuse and ANL-fuse (to be ordered separately). Robust housing with isolation of the DC connections.

     AED 1,660.00
  • Follow me home (light stays on for a specific time after you leave the vessel). (Delayed) dimming of lights (including ten built-in dimmers). Alarm signal for overload. Every output has a hardware and software fuse. Reset the fuses via the MasterBus network Possibility of higher currents (up to 100A) with parallel switching of multiple outputs.

     AED 3,971.00
  • The dc Distribution 500 is the smallest distribution model available. It connects up to four dc devices to the dc groups, such as a battery charger, inverter, alternators and solar panels. With the included plug & play cable it can be easily connected to the MasterBus network. The MasterView panel gives all fuses logical names, for instance, referring to the connected equipment, to ensure you receive understandable error notifications (for example: battery charger fuse defect).

     AED 1,823.00
  • USB interfaceAllows you to read and configure your MasterBus system from your PC. Modbus interfaceThe MasterBus Modbus Interface can provide all information from the ‘closed’ MasterBus network for other monitoring and operating systems by means of the Modbus protocol. Inverter interfaceThe MasterBus Inverter Interface integrates the Mastervolt Mass Sine inverter in a MasterBus network and allows it to be operated and monitored via  MasterView or PC. Combi interfaceThis interface integrates a Mastervolt Mass Combi in a MasterBus network and allows it to be operated or monitored via a MasterView panel or PC. Serial interfaceThe MasterBus Serial Interface connects conventional Mastervolt products to the MasterBus. Data becomes permanently available allow configuration,  operation and monitoring via MasterView panels. NMEA2000 interfaceThe MasterBus NMEA2000 Interface provides the MasterBus network with NMEA2000 information, and vice versa. GPRS moduleThe GPRS module communicates with your vessel via mobile phone, allowing you to monitor current information or operate the system by remote  control via a text message or easy shortcuts. Alarm notifications per text message are optional Switch input 3 PCBThe Switch Input 3 makes watertight Carling switches compatible with MasterBus. Multiple functions can be easily linked with this module. Distance between switches is 1.03” (26.1 mm). Switch input 4 PCBProvides LED indications for additional information, such as when a light stops working. Distance between switches is 1.07” (27.3 mm). Digital inputConnect up to four switches to the MasterBus network. Delivery includes cables from interface to switches Digital ac 1 x 6AThe Digital ac 1 x 6A switches all ac loads up to 6A directly and higher loads via a relay, anywhere on board. Max. relay current is 6A (230V ac single pole). Multipurpose contact outputThis programmable free switch contact provides your MasterBus network with unprecedented options, such as controlling a ventilator in the engine  room or operating a generator from a different brand. Potential free contact is NO-C-NC - 1A / 30V dc. Tank level interfaceThis interface converts analogue sensor input signals to MasterBus data. Selectable input signals: 4-20 mA, 0-300 Ω, 8-70V dc. RepeaterExtends the maximum length of your MasterBus network. With integrated isolated power supply to power the MasterBus. ac power analyserThe ac power analyser is a multifunctional measuring device which can visualize the ac current and ac voltage, frequency, Cos Phi and the power of the system. On top of that  it features the “inverter control” and a free  programmable “potential free contact”. Remote APC (230 V)AC Power Control indicates AC consumption, AC voltage, fuse value of the grid/generator connection, with Power Sharing. Mounting materials and communication cable included. This remote control panel is not compatible with MasterVision. Remote ICCInverter Charge Control indicates DC consumption, charge phase, AC present, failure message, with on/off/’charger only. Switch & 6 metre cable. MasterBus FireCAN InterfaceA converter that feeds Master Bus data directly into the FireCAN control system. FireCAN is an electronic communication system allowing pumps and other equipment to be used via a central control panel on a firefighting truck. The new MasterBus FireCAN Interface allows Mastervolt products to be linked into a FireCAN system. MasterBus philippi interfaceThe MasterBus Philippi Interface makes it possible to view and control Mastervolt products on a Philippi PSM2 display. Mastervolt products use the CAN-based MasterBus protocol to communicate between products. Similar, the company Philippi uses the PBUS protocol. The MasterBus Philippi Interface connects these worlds. MasterBus power interrupterThe MasterBus Power Interrupter switches off parts of the MasterBus network. This reduces the no-load consumption and is useful if a large system will not be used for an extended period. Communication remains possible. MasterBus CANopen InterfaceBi-directional communication between CANopen and MasterBus. MasterBus is a powerful CAN-based protocol used to communicate between Mastervolt products. This MasterBus CANopen Interface facilitates transparent, 2-way communication between MasterBus and the CANopen standard, which is adopted in marine applications. System panel controllerConnect the MasterView System or your PC with the MasterBus network. Provides the power and software license key for the MasterView System panel.  

    (22 items) from AED 7,667.00
  • Cut your own cables to length and finish, comprising: Professional RJ45 crimping tool 50 x MasterBus RJ45 connectors 50 x green MasterBus RJ45 protection boots 100 m green MasterBus CAT5E UTP cable MasterBus RJ45 connectors 8-pole 25 pcs Green isolation caps for RJ45 connector 25 pcs

    (3 items) from AED 734.00
  • Suitable for data traffic and powering peripheral equipment, this is the only cable you need for your MasterBus network. MasterBus compatible products come standard with two ports, while other equipment requires an interface. A DIY kit is optional.

    (9 items) from AED 43.00
  • The Terminators at both ends of the cable ensure interference-free operation, prevent reflection of data signals and ensure high communication speeds

     AED 20.00
  • The dc distribution standard comes with four ANL fuses: 80, 80, 125 and 160A, and a spare fuse of 125A. Replacement fuses and other amps

    (12 items) from AED 56.00
  • Suitable for communication between Efoy fuel cell and Mastervolt system in pre-defined Basic and Advanced systems.

     AED 193.00
  • The sleek new Touch 5 adds a compact touch screen option to your CZone installation. While offering many of the same features as it’s bigger brother the Touch 10, this new display module adds Wifi connectivity as well as the higher specification IPX7 waterproofing. With a super bright widescreen display and the latest capacitive touchscreen technology, this compact unit is perfect for a flybridge or exposed helm position. It also suits smaller vessels where space is at a premium or on larger vessels as a secondary display in an owner’s cabin or engine room.

     AED 5,011.00


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