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Circuit breakers

  • B SERIES, One Handle Per pole, Series Trip (Current), DC & AC Medium Delay, Under 30A 8-32 Bus Type Screw 30A Over 10-32 Bus Type Screw, 6.32 x 0.195 Inch Mountings, -40°C - +85°C, Max 80V DC, 277V 50/60 Hz AC, EN60934, VDE, UL and CSA. Carling Technologies’ B-Series hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers are specifically designed for applications requiring extra insulation and tongue and groove half-shell constructions. The B-Series carries global regulatory safety approvals for spacing requirements and are ideal for use as general purpose as well as full load amp applications. Available in a wide range of ratings with 1, 2 or 3 poles, and a choice of handle colours. Applications:Marine, Power supplies, Medical Equipment, Office Equipment, Control Panels, Military, Generator & Welders (Meets CSA Standard 22.2 No. 100). Options are available with various choices of time delays; terminals; actuator styles; with a wide range of standard colours; 1-6 poles; ratings from 0.02 to 50 amps, up to 277VAC or 80VDC; UL recognized, CSA, VDE, TUV, UL-1500, UL489A Listed.

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  • M SERIES Single pole, White Visi Rocker, DC & AC Medium Delay, Series Trip (Current), with QC terminals, -40°C - +85°C, 32V DC, 250V 50/60 Hz, MIL- PRF-55629, MIL STD 202G compliant, UL and CSA. The M-Series is a low cost, miniature, hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker which features a compact, space saving design, front panel snap-in mounting and a wiping contact mechanism assures long-term reliability. Available in a wide range of ratings. Applications:Marine, Power supplies, Medical Equipment, Generator, Vehicles. Optional choices include various styling options to maximize your design flexibility, rocker, illuminated rocker, paddle and baton style handle actuators, push-to-reset and push-pull pushbutton actuators, as well as Visi-Rocker two color actuators. Our exclusive Rockerguard bezel helps prevent inadvertent actuation. Options include 1, 2 or parallel poles, 0.02 to 50amp ratings, and 125 and 250VAC or 80VDC versions. With over 16 different time delays, 5 terminal styles, a variety of panel hardware, various colours, and legend imprinting, it assures suitability for most any application design.

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  • C SERIES, One Handle Per pole, Series Trip (Current), DC & AC Medium Delay, 1/4 -20 Threaded stud, 6.32 x 0.195 Inch Mountings, -40°C - +85°C, 80V DC, 250V 50/60 Hz, EN60934, VDE, UL and CSA.The C-Series hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers are ideal for applications that require higher amperage and voltage handling capability in a smaller package. The C-Series employs a unique arc chute design which allows for higher interrupting capacities. New thermoset glass filled polyester half shell construction provides for increased mechanical and electrical strength. The wiping contacts, mechanical linkage with two step actuation, clean contacts providing high, positive contact pressure and longer contact life. Available in a wide range of ratings with 1, 2 or 3 poles. Applications: Marine, Power supplies, Medical Equipment, Office Equipment, Control Panels, Military, Generator & Welders Optional choices include 1-6 poles, 0.02-100amps ratings, UL Recognized up to 480VAC or 150VDC, UL489 Listed up to 240VAC or 125VDC, with choice of time delays, terminal options, actuator styles and colours.

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  • CLB SERIES, White button, M12 mounting hole, metal ring nut, screw terminal 90 Bend, -10°C to +60°C, UL, cUL, CSA, TUV, CE, UL1500/ISO8846 forignition protection/marine The CLB-Series is a compact, single pole, push-to-reset family of thermal circuit breakers designed to protect equipment. Utilizing simple, precision design with few moving parts, these breakers offer cost effective, extremely reliable circuit protection with high resistance against shock and vibration. Ratings from 3-60A, 125, 250VAC, 32VDC, 2500A @ 32VDC Interrupting Capacity, 100M ohms Insulation Resistance, Voltage drop <0.25 V. Applications:Marine, Household Appliances, Transportation, Power Strips, Medical Equipment, Audio-Visual Equipment, Power Supplies of time delays, terminal options, actuator styles and colours.

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  • IEG magnetic circuit breakers provide reliable circuit protection and accurate circuit control for equipment in the international market place. Designed using the latest in sensitive hydraulic magnetic technology, the IEG line adapts itself to many applications and environments. They are ideal for marine applications, data processing and business machines, as well as medical instrumentation, broadcast equipment, vending and amusement machines, military applications and wherever precision operation is required. Temperature differences which affect fuses and other thermal devices are not a concern. One important feature of this breaker line is a ‘trip free’ action, which means the circuit will trip in the presence of an overload even though the handle is held in the ON position. The delay mechanism senses the fault and the contacts open. Spacing compliance: IEC specification 601, 950; VDE 0804, 0805 UL recognized; CSA certified; VDE 0660 approved; Part 101 & CE compliant Available in single or double pole; triple pole available on special orders

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  • Provide reliable circuit protection and accurate circuit control for equipment in the international market place. BEP uses the IUL range of circuit breakers where current requirements exceed 50A and are within 100A. Available in single and double pole with triple pole available on special orders.

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  • Ratings : 50–150A; 30V dc, 3000A interrupt capacity Operating temperature : -25°F (-32°C) to 180°F (82°C) Storage temperature : -30°F (-34°C) to 300°F (149°C)Applications : Auxiliary and accessory circuits – marine applications, battery chargers and dc audio systems. Series 185 is sealed for engine compartment and bilge area applications.Housing : Thermoset plastic; UL rated 94VO; 311ºF (155ºC). Stud insulators are provided on covered units with F (Surface Mount) basesMounting : Panel or surfaceIndicator : Series 185 have a unique reset mechanism providing visible indication of tripped conditionApprovals : Complies with SAEJ1625Type : Switchable reset type.(Manual reset type available on request) IP rating: IP67

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  • Ratings : 5–40A; 200A @ 250V ac Interrupt CapacityOperating temperature : 14–140°F (-10–60°C)Interrupting capacity : 2500AResettable overload capacity : 10 x rated currentApprovals : UL, CUL, TUV, CE, UL1500ISO8846 for ignition protection/marine

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  • Weatherproof IP66 design Trip free safety feature Switchable circuit protection Easy installation/ operation Ignition protected CE approved Available in other sizes upon request, from 25–150 Amps Ratings : 25-200A, 48V dcInterrupt rating : Main breaker protection interrupt rating (5,000A@ 14V DC, 3,000A@ 28V DC and 1,500A @ 48V dc)Operating temperature rating : -40°F (-40°C) to 185°F (85°C)Storage temperature rating : -40°F (-40°C) to 260°F (125°C)Materials : Black UL-rated 94V0 thermoset plastic body. Cover and lever are UL-rated 94V0 thermoplasticMarking : Standard marking includes amp/volt ratingsTermination : 5/16-18 threaded studsTorque rating : 75 in-lbs (8.5 Nm) maxMounting torque rating : Panel or surface-mount options; 50 in-lbs (5.6 Nm) max Ingress protection rating : IP66Compliances : ABYC E-11; CE; SAE J1171 (ignition protected)

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  • Now certified in North America and Europe, meets the needs of all worldwide markets. Tested and certified by most widely recognized international regulatory agencies including UL (Underwriters Laboratory), CSA (Canadian Standards Association), CE (European Union), VDE (German government approval) and TVU Certified Designed for applications requiring higher amperage and voltage handling capability in a compact design Protects wiring, motors, generators, telecommunication systems, batteries, and many other applications in the harsh marine environment, fits common panel cutouts Mechanical Endurance: 10,000 On-Off operations @ 6 per minute; with rated current & voltage Breakers will trip on overload even when actuator is forcibly held in the ON position Enhanced, upgraded design of Ancor™ standard single and double pole breakers Maximum voltage 250V ac, 65V dc

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  • BEP supplies two Residual Current Device (RCD) ratings (16 & 32 A). Due to the difference in style of the RCD’s, these panels are made to be mounted separately from the main ac panel.

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  • For installations in Australia and New Zealand to comply with AS/NZ3004 an approved double pole mains circuit breaker must be mounted upstream of the BEP™ Control Panel in the form of a RCD or MCB. The MCB-3WENC is an enclosure with IP65 rating. The enclosure and CB is ordered separately. The shore fix is already assembled, no additional item parts need to be ordered.

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