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Battery switch 720 600A 48V On/Off

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Part # 08.10.0006 | OEM # 720

Stock Status: On request

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The 720 heavy-duty battery switch fits into the same contour lock system as used on the battery distribution system. Rated at 600A continuous and 2500A cranking. It is well suited to larger vessels. As with the 701, the 720 can be recessed or surface mounted. The 720 uses the same style of self cleaning sliding contact as used in the 701 and uses the same label sheet (Part number 08.11.0005). BEP’s patented contour locking system is an innovative feature that allows for multiple battery management components to be connected to each other providing for a clean finished installation. These locking tabs can be found on battery switches, heavy-duty buss bars, fuse holders, distribution studs and breaker modules. Rated IP 65


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Part number Model L x W x H (mm)                  Current rating (dc)

(V dc)
Operation Stud size
Studs x (mm)

Continuous Intermittent Cranking

08.10.0006  720  102 x 102 x 90  600  800  2500  48  On/Off  2 x 12
08.11.0005  Labels set for battery switches


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