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  • Mastervolt’s BI battery isolators are based on conventional diode technology. The diode voltage drop (ca. 0.6 V) can be compensated for by adapting the output current of the connected charger. Mastervolt battery chargers and Alpha Pro alternator regulators come as standard withautomatic compensation for voltage drops.

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  • Current limited electronic charge relay with high efficiency and reverse current protection A secondary battery on board requires a dedicated charging solution. The Charge Mate Pro makes it possible to distribute the charger or alternator current effectively between two battery banks such as a starter and a service battery. The Charge Mate Pro connects both batteries during charging and keeps them isolated when discharging. This significantly reduces the risk of a flat starter battery for example. The Charge Mate Pro 40 provides additional functionality by limiting the charge current to the second battery to 40 A. The main battery is therefore charged with priority. The return current is automatically blocked, which reduces power dips of the onboard network. An emergency start function is possible by connecting an optional bypass switch.

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  • The Battery mate is compatible with any type of alternator/battery charger, in both existing and new systems. As the voltage loss between the alternator and battery is negligible, the Battery mate performs far better than conventional battery isolators. This ensures fast and complete charging of your batteries without having to make additional adjustments to the alternator.

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  • The ProSafe FS Series of FailSafe 30 and 60 Amp Galvanic Isolators will interrupt galvanic current flow with other boats at a marina when installed on a boat which is connected to AC shore power. This technology maintains AC safety ground and solves the most common forms of corrosion and premature zinc loss within a boats bonding system. The ProSafe FS Series is UL Certified to meet the parameters of the ABYC A-28 recommendation ProSafe FS installs easily and does not require a dedicated monitor to verify the operational status of the galvanic isolator as required by non FailSafe certified galvanic isolators. Both the ProSafe 30 and 60 Amp models are built on robust Flat Pack Semiconductor platforms, ensuring that in the event of a failure, the failure is safe by not compromising the ground continuity on-board when connected to AC shore power. ABYC A-28 July ’08 Compliant and Fail Safe Certified (Certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Insures shore power safety ground wire is maintained through the isolator. Flat Pack High Power Semiconductor’s robust high power diodes allow the FS Series to meet the new FailSafe criteria for conducting inrush currents 3,000 and 5,000 Amps (FS30 and FS60 respectively) for the required duration period. Innovative design: The FS60 will cool itself in the event it must conduct current insuring cooler operation in this mode. Ignition protected: Meets ISO 8846 and either model can be mounted within an engine compartment. Gold Plated Terminations: Simply install in your on board green safety ground wire (between your AC inlet and your AC Panel) to separate your D.C.bonding system from your shore A.C green wire. ProSafe FS30 for 30 Amp Shore Cord Applications. ProSafe FS60 for (1) 50 Amp or (2) 30 Amp shore cord applications 5 Year Warranty

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  • The Bocatech Automatic Power Selectors (APS) provides a simple, solid state solution for redundant DC power for vital electronic equipment while maintaining isolation of the DC power sources. The independent batteries are wired to higher torque-accepting terminals and internal diodes maintain total isolation between them. They are combined in a single output which is wired to the load. Current is automatically drawn from the battery with the higher voltage. Isolation prevents the higher-charged battery from “dumping” into the lower charged or failed battery. The unit is ruggedly constructed with heavy-duty wiring studs and epoxy potted components in an anodized aluminum case. Wiring nuts, washers and mounting screws are provided.

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  • The Battery watch is an essential element of any well-equipped battery system, offering you a 600-gram electronic watchdog that ensures a much longer lifespan for your batteries. The unit monitors the optimum condition of your batteries and can also be used as a main battery isolation switch. LED lights provide a clear read out and the undervoltage can be set using DIP switches.

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  • An auxiliary onboard power supply is increasinglyb common. As a second battery can prevent the main battery from depleting and being unable to start this seems like a safe and reliable solution. Thesecond battery, however, also has to be chargedregularly. Mastervolt has the solution: The ChargeMate connects both batteries with a voltage relaywhile charging, and keeps them isolated at othertimes. The Charge Mate is especially practical forsmall systems.

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