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Seat shock absorber pad (pair)

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Part # 07.03.0075 | OEM # 99191

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  • Active Seat Suspension Systems absorb and minimize up to 75% of the shock, jolt, and vibration transmitted to the passenger from the forces of roll, pitch, and yaw.
  • Active Seat Suspensions Systems reduce the feelings of seasickness and nausea by absorbing excessive movement with 1” of damped vertical travel.
  • These systems are CAD designed, FEA proven, and precision engineered and tooled.
  • Components are saltwater spray resistant and UV stable; to help endure harsh marine environments.
  • Made from rugged, high-tensile, anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware.
  • Standard bolt hole pattern allows for mounting on top of pedestal and beneath any individual seat
  • Features heavy duty forward hinge system allowing shock absorption to occur in the vertical plane only, eliminates sway and side tipping
  • U.S. PATENT #6,042,093
  • Includes provisions for mounting seats with 6” center hole pattern.
  • Easily mounts to almost any current seat.
  • Standard bolt hole pattern allows for easy mounting beneath seat to the deck, a box, or the floor of a boat
  • Perfect for mounting beneath seat greater than 20” (51cm)
  • Includes provisions for mounting seats with 6” center hole pattern


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07.03.0073 Compact size and low profile design adds only 2” (5cm) of height. The outline is  13” x 7” (33 x 18cm) with standard 5” x 12 1/8” (13 x 31cm) slotted mounting hole pattern.
07.03.0074 For use with wider bench seats - 1/2 profile 13” x 3” (33 x 7cm) - Pair.
07.03.0075 Replacement micro-cellular urethane seat shock - Pair



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