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Series Parallel Switch for48V Thrus

parallel for 48V thruster with 24V battery charging system

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Part # 06.10.0031 | OEM # BP3008

Stock Status: On request

AED 4,105.00 Excluding VAT


The 160 kgf and 220 kgf bow thrusters are only available with a 24 V DC electric motor. By installing a series/parallel switch in a 12 V main power supply system it is possible that

  • The 24 V bow thruster will work using 12 Volt batteries connected in series, so as to obtain the required 24 V voltage.
  • For charging, the12 V batteries are automatically connected in parallel and linked to the 12 V charging system.

This series/parallel switch comes complete with pre-assembled auxiliary relays to ensure easy connection between the battery bank and the bow thruster. When the batteries installed for the bow thruster are also used for other 12 V consumers, it should be remembered that the current is supplied via the charging contacts of the series/ parallel switch. These contacts have a continuous duty rating of 100 A, and an intermittent 20% rating of 150 A. As a consequence, never use these batteries as starter batteries and never connect an anchor windlass to them. The series/parallel switch functions completely automatically and therefore the operation of the bow thruster is as usual. The 285 kgf – 48 V dc bow thruster has a series/parallel switch supplied as standard, to permit connection to a 24 V battery bank. This 48 V series/parallel switch is also available separately.


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