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Marine Auto pilot

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Marine Auto-Pilot Systems (MAP) is the product of many years of successful development born out of a requirement to provide an uncomplicated Auto Pilot.

MAP’s primary focus is to provide a simple, versatile and affordable products that can be operated easily by any and all end users.
MAP is the common Autopilot solution for every vessel; from inflatables to water taxis, cruisers, trawlers and everything in between. The MAP device allows users to remotely steer their vessel on a prerouted course via an app on their handheld device with the option of remote helm steering by providing users with the app to load and manage navigational data such as waypoints and routes.

MAP is capable of track control, enabling the vessel to move along its pre-determined course with an accuracy of +/-5m in open water. It has a built in track control measurement catered for each specific vessel that allows safe and accurate turning through angled waypoints, avoiding sharp and unsafe manoeuvering. The system can be safely and immediately dis-engaged and re-engaged by way of the mechanical switch. When the system is re-engaged and “auto” is selected, it will continue on its previous/existing course without the need to re-enter navigational data, which is another unique feature of the device.

MAP provides unlimited waypoints to create desired routes. Route design and remote steering on the app interface is user-friendly. Path accuracy will depend of the vessel dimensions, speed and other contextual factors. However, testing shows accuracy up to +/- 5m on straight course, and slightly more distance on corner accuracy. MAP is capable of track control which enables the vessel to its laid out course. As a safety feature, an easy mechanical switch is used to alternate between manual to auto steering mode.

MAP is built by a team of electrical marine and software engineers under ISO9001 standards for manufacturing processes. The MAP control box is equipped with an Inertial Navigation System [INS], solid state compass and a GPS module to estimate the boats heading and position. The box is light, small, and tough: it can withstand the rigours of any sea-state pertaining to the class of vessel it is housed in.


Remote steering feature is unique to MAP, allowing the pilot to change course from their hand held device rather than manually doing so at the helm MAP device is non-restrictive and is applicable to any vessel of any size and for any purpose. The app is compatible with any handheld device that runs on Apple, Android or Windows Software. Thus making the system hassle-free and attuned to the devices and boats the end-user already possesses.

The app allows access to the system from any hand-held device, allowing mobility in planning your trip from the comfort of your home or office, and also on the boat: rather than having the autopilot on a fixed device that is embedded in the console The Wi-Fi module does not need to be purchased separately then integrated into the system: With MAP, Wi-Fi is already embedded within and is ready to use.

  • MAP autopilot package consist of :
    - MAP Control Box (MCB)
    - MAP GPS Antenna
    - Cables & Connectors


MAP Control box specifications  
Processor 1.2 GHz quad core ARM Cortex A5
Wireless Standards IEEE 802.11n (draft),
IEEE 802.11g,
IEEE 802.11b
GPS Horizontal Position Accuracy 2.5 M
Electrical specifications  
Minimum operating voltage 6 V
Maximum operating voltage 16 V
Continuous output current 12 V
Feedback voltage output 5 V
Max Power Consumption (Excluding motor power consumption)     3.6 W
Mechanical specifications
Dimensions of autopilot 100 x 115 x 58 mm
Operating conditions
Operating temperature range - 5° C to 60° C


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