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Thruster panel BPAJ (Aluminium)

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Part # 06.10.0014 | OEM # BPAJ

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These new bow thruster panels are available in either aluminium or synthetic finish. Both types can be fitted in a 52 mm diameter hole, making installation quick and easy using a hole saw. The round synthetic version is supplied with the same bezel rings as other Vetus boat instruments and is therefore ideal to be mounted alongside these. It can also be fitted in an engine panel in place of an instrument. The panels are provided as standard with a switched outlet (max. 3 A) for switching extra equipment and are waterproof to IP66. The new bow thruster panels, types BPAS and BPAJ are backwards compatible with other Vetus bow thruster panels. That is to say; both the connector plug and the hole size are the same. Models BPSR and BPJR have the same connector plug, but the hole size is different.

Voltage 12/24V
Dimensions 95 x 95 mm
Built-in depth With time delay 85 mm


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All Bow thruster panel - aluminium


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