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Thruster Bow PRO 30 kgf 12V tunnel

Dia. 110 mm

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Part # 06.07.0076 | OEM # BOWA0301

Stock Status: On request

AED 8,308.00 Excluding VAT


Revolution: The BOW PRO thrusters are fitted with proven induction technology. This system makes the use of carbon brushes obsolete. As a result, the bow thruster is very quiet and has unlimited* runtime! The induction motor is controlled by the VETUS MCV motor controller. This in-house-engineered motor controller can handle both 12 V and 24 V, making the new bow thruster suitable for almost all boats!
Evolution: The BOW PRO thruster is controlled by a proprietary CANBUS protocol. There are two different panels available for this thruster; one fully-proportional basic panel and one fully-proportional panel with lock-function. This allows the boat to be moored without the use of ropes. Letting passengers board your vessel have never been this easy! Evolution is to continue on a set of good properties, so there are similarities with its predecessors: remained are the very silent propeller blades and the streamlined tailpiece. Retrofitting a BOW PRO thruster therefore is a piece of cake as the new motor is interchangeable with the tailpiece and flange of our thruster range.

  • Reliable & proportional control
  • Unlimited* run-time
  • Brushless (no maintenance & ignition protected)
  • Hold-function for easy docking
  • Highly efficient (up to 93%)
  • Safe & Easy to install
  • Backwards compatible: easily upgrade existing Vetus C & D series bow thrusters
  • THE solution for charter boats
  • More of these revolutionary models will follow shortly!

(*) The only limitation is the size of your battery bank.


No features available


Model BOWA0301
Thrust, N (kgf) 300 (30)
Power kW 1.6 (12V)
Tunnel diameter, internal, mm 110
Operating time Unlimited
Main fuse ZE200U (200 Amps)
Compatible with tailpiece of BOW25xxD


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