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Thruster Bow 35 kgf 12V tunnel

Dia. 150 mm

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Part # 06.07.0025 | OEM # BOW3512D

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Advantages of Vetus bow thrusters

  •  A single propeller creates less flow disturbance in the tunnel
  • The Vetus unique propeller blade design minimises cavitation noise
  • Spiral gears minimise transmission noise
  • The use of a flexible coupling between tail piece and motor eliminates vibration
  •  All Vetus systems use a streamlined tail piece for optimum flow
  • A strong synthetic propeller eliminates corrosion and reduces weight
  • Systems are easy to install, supplied with clear installation and operation instructions
  • Vetus systems use a new line of high quality aluminium control panels which are interchangeable with older panels
  • All Vetus manoeuvring systems meet the EMC requirements


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Part number 06.07.0025
Model BOW3512D
Thrust, N (kgf) 350 (35)
Power kW (hp) 1.5 (2)
Motor, reversible (dc) yes
Tunnel ID (mm) 150
Weight excluding tunnel (kg) 12
12 V dc
Current consumption (A) 205
Operating time - continuously, in minutes
- maximum per hour, in minutes
Main fuse, “slow blow” (A) 160*
Batteries 12 V dc (min. Ah / max. Ah) 1 x 55 / 1 x 108
Battery cables**, total length of positive and negative
cables together (m / mm²)
0-11 / 35
Battery main switch: model BATSW 250 / 12

 * This fuse is standard supply. ** Based on Vetus battery cable.

A 138
B 314
C 76
D min./ max. 300/600
E 149
F Ø Ø 112
G min. 150
H Ø Ø 150


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All BOW3512D bow thruster 35 kgf, 12V

Part number


AED 5,617.00

In stock

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