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Steering Accessories

  • The fixed “Follow-up” control handle shown here, can operate any type of hydraulic steering system fitted with an electro-hydraulic pump, by means of the control box (see drawing). It may be mounted on the dashboard, or fixed to the helmsman’s seat, for example. This type of remote control may be used as the main steering device (instead of a steering wheel), or as a secondary or even third steering option.

     AED 3,099.00
  • This hand held “Follow-up” control has the same function as the fixed control handle shown above. The control is supplied with a 3 m spiralled cable with connection plug and socket. The mobile hand held control can only be used in addition to the fixed control. Dimensions control box: 258 x 114 x 52 mm.

     AED 3,520.00
  • This remote control is equipped with a rocker switch and a 3.5 meter spiralled wire with watertight plug and deck contact. Two limit switches (model: EHPESSET) for the hydraulic cylinder should be ordered separately. Conventional wheel operated hydraulic steering systems can now be equipped simply and cheaply with an electrically operated remote control unit. With this unit the boat may be steered from virtually any point on board. A Vetus electro-hydraulic pump, model EHPAR2, EHPBR2, EHPCR2, EHPD or EHPE is fitted in the hydraulic system (see diagram) and connected to the dc power supply. A hand held remote control, supplied with a spiralled wire, is then used to operate the pump in the required direction. The following components are to be ordered separately: Electro hydraulic pump model EHPAR2, EHPBR2, EHPCR2, EHPD or EHPE. One or more hand held controls with spiralled wire. Hydraulic fitting set for pumps. Hydraulic tubing of the required length (see steering accessoires section). Two limit switches for the hydraulic cylinder

    (2 items) from AED 627.00
  • The main steering position of many new inland waterways vessels nowadays, features a joystick steering device. This joystick and its associated electro-hydraulic pump replaces the normal wheel operated steering pump. The hydraulic steering cylinder must as always be specified according to the rudder torque. For a Vetus joystick steering system the following components are to be ordered separately : Electro-hydraulic pump model EHPAR2, EHPBR2, EHPCR2, EHPD or EHPE. Hydraulic fitting set for pump. A hydraulic steering cylinder; for example one of the Vetus models MTC30 - MTC175. Hydraulic tubing of the required length (see steering accessories section). A panel with joystick control. Two limit switches (model: EHPESSET).

     AED 1,011.00
  • *Allow the tilting of one engine independently of the other one

    (6 items) from AED 2,132.00
  • Model Length OB1000  915 mm This tie rod is suitable for two outboard engines of up to 300 hp each. All components are made of stainless steel. The bar has adjustable ends and the connection bolts (3 ⁄8”UNF) are supplied as standard. The maximum center-to-center distance between the steering arms is 915 mm and the rod can be easily cut to the required length.

     AED 1,521.00
  • Only the sole use of LS flexible tubes in Ø 6, 8 or 10 mm will guarantee the global performances and safe use of LS steering systems.

    (14 items) from AED 47.00
  • High pressure flexible tubes of various lengths with pre-crimped connections of various kinds (several diameters, straight fittings & 90° elbow fittings). Stainless steel fittings available. R1T: One steel braid. EFT: Adjustable straight fittings. 10L, 12L, 15L & 18L: Equivalent to rigid pipe with crimped fitting

    (23 items) from AED 508.00
  • 30 HB without lock valve - 35 HB without lock valve40 HB without lock valve - 50 HB without lock valve70 CT without lock valve - 90 CT without lock valve

     AED 878.00
  • 105 CT without lock valve - 150 CT without lock valve170 CT without lock valve - 200 CT without lock valve

     AED 2,615.00
  • (4 items) from AED 1,732.00


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