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Steering cylinder 1200kgm MT1200B

2638cc 400 mm stroke with connectors for 18 mm OD hose (includes flexible hoses 600 mm)

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Part # 06.01.0069 | OEM # MT1200B

Stock Status: On request

AED 17,095.00 Excluding VAT


  • Available for single and dual station control.
  • Cylinder and pump can be supplied separately.
  • Please see selection table in the section -“Pumps for commercial craft” on page 519 for determination of steering wheel revolutions.
  • Axial plunger pumps with 7 plungers
  • Stainless steel steering wheel shaft, extra strong for large steering wheels.
  • These steering systems are supplied complete with fittings for hydraulic tubes.
  • The cylinders are provided with bleed nipples which accept a quick-release coupling for rapid bleeding
  • The piston rod is made of stainless steel.
  • The cylinder is provided with a base plate with universal joint and a swivelling rod end, so that alignment mistakes can be absorbed.


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Part number 06.01.0069
Model MT1200B
Max torque at 35º - rudder der angle 1200 kgm
Cylinder stroke 400 mm
Max. pressure 61.78 bar
Cylinder volume 2638 cm³
Total rudder angle 70°
Length of tiller arm 350 mm
Weight of cylinder 42.5 kg
Dimensions of tubes Ø 18 x 15 mm
Hose length 600 mm
Connections All connections are provided with G ½ female pipe thread.

Cylinder A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P R
MT01200B 1135 995 140 400 350 160 198 286 71.5 18.5 143 182 25 35 40 102


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