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Wiper control panel RWPANEL 12/24V

for up to 3 wipers

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Part # 05.13.0288 | OEM # RWPANEL2

Stock Status: On request

AED 1,712.00 Excluding VAT


For smaller craft, this panel type RWPANEL 2 will control up to three switched windscreen wipers synchronously. The wipers can be set to run at high or low speed or at one of five interval wipe speeds. If required, the wipers can also be operated automatically by connecting an optional rain sensor.
• Suitable for controlling 1, 2 or 3 individually switched windscreen wipers
• The wipers can be set at two different speeds
• There are 5 interval wipe settings
• A screen wash system can also be activated
• All connected wipers will work synchronously
• All wipers will self-park when switched off
• The panel is suitable for both 12 Volt and 24 Volt dc supply
• Up to three rain sensors (type MARBO2) may be connected, for automatic operation of the wiper(s)
• Dimensions of the control panel: 85 x 85 mm
• Built-in depth: 40 mm
• Control unit: 160 x 90 x 60 mm


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All For Small Craft Windscreen Wiper Control Panels

Part number


AED 1,712.00

On request

Part number


AED 1,712.00

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