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  •   The original Sirocco cabin fan introduced the world to a unique gimbal design allowing for 360° directional air flow. Building on the popularity of the Sirocco, we introduce the Sirocco II! Offering increased durability, combined 12 and 24 volt capability, improved user interface, and increased timer settings. The Sirocco is truly the next step in cabin comfort.  

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  • The only weatherproof fan on the market! Rated at IP55, the model 817 Kona 12 and 24 Volt fan is designed to hold up in the most demanding marine conditions. Featuring a watertight motor and constructed of extruded aluminium, UV stabilized plastic and stainless fasteners  the Kona is ideal for environments such as the wheelhouse dash, an exposed bridge or cockpit where splash and spray would spell disaster for other fans. Dimensions 7” x 10” x 7”Material Extruded aluminium, ASA plasticBlade 6-1⁄4”, Weatherproof ASA plasticSafety feature Protective front and back grills Speeds 3Adapter Lighter plugWarranty 2 year

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  • The best cabin fan available in the marine market! The model 807 Sirocco 12 and 24 Volt fan features a unique 360° gimbal design that allows airflow to be directed in any direction of the cabin. It can also be folded flat and out of the way against the bulkhead when not in use. With its 3 speeds, timer settings and quiet operation there is no other marine fan that can match the Sirocco’s performance. Dimensions 10” x 12” x 3”Material ABS plasticBlade 7”, PE plasticSafety features FingerSafe™ blades Speeds 3Warranty 2 year

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  • The quietest and most efficient marine fan in its class! The model 748 Bora 12 and 24 Volt fan is designed to deliver the features needed to solve any airflow challenge. The 3 speed fan is ideal for clearing a bridge windshield, venting a galley or providing cool comfort in the sleeping berth. This versatility has made the Bora our most popular selling fan. Dimensions 3.9"x6.3"x9"Material ABS plasticBlade 5”, ABS plasticSafety features Protective front and back grillSpeeds3Warranty2 Year

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  •     A longtime favorite of sailors! The model 747 Ultimate 12 Volt dc fan is recognized by Practical Sailor magazine as a marine “Best Buy”. It features a patented shock-absorbing FingerSafe™ blade that does not require a protective grill. The resulting maximum airflow makes the 2 speed Ultimate the top choice in hot, humid climates. The fan comes with a suction cup mount that enables the fan to be moved about in a boat. Includes 6 ft cord with lighter plug.     Dimensions 6.5” x 9.5” x 3.5”Material ABS plasticBlade 5”, ABS plasticSafety features Protective front and back grillSpeeds 3Warranty 1 yearCFM 150-200

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  • This model is a permanent mount, direct wire version of Caframo's Ultimate 12 Volt dc fan. It does not include a lighter plug adapter or a suction cup mount. The two speed motor and FingerSafe™ blade move large masses of air throughout the boat from the V-berth to the galley. With its quiet operation and high airflow, the Ultimate fan is sure to keep you comfortable on-board. This fan is equipped with a permanent screw down and directly to the boat electrical system.   Dimensions 6.1"x7"x6.2" Material ABS plastic Blade    7”, PE plastic Safety features  FingerSafe™ blades Speeds 2 Warranty  1 year CFM 150-200    

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  • • 180º adjustable swivel fan• Mount on wall, ceiling or dash• Built-in on/off switch• Installation hardware included• 12 volt dc operation• Compact design installs anywhere• Great for windshield defogging• Base Dimensions: 3” diameter• Stands 5” from mounting surface

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  • • 120º adjustable oscillating fan• Can be set for stationary operation• Mount on wall, ceiling or dash• Built-in on/off switch• Installation hardware included• 12 volt dc operation, 1.2 amp draw• Translucent fan blades• 7.5” vinyl-coated fan guard• Mounting base dimensions: 3.375” L x 1.5” W• Stands 8” from mounting surface

     AED 443.00
  • • Fan folds out of the way when not in use• Rotating louver directs air flow• Mount on wall, ceiling or dash• Built-in on/off switch• Installation hardware included• 12 volt dc operation, .8 amp draw• Dimensions: 6.75” W x 5.06” H x 1.93” D

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