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  • This new line of portholes comes in two versions: a heavy duty version CE classified A1 and suitable for use in the hull side or a standard version CE classified A3 and suitable for use in the coachroof side. Both versions have a 10 mm opening pane, colour “smoke”. The pane of the A3 version is unframed and the pane of the A1 version is set in an aluminium frame. These new portholes are fitted with friction type hinges, permitting them to stay open in any position. Two large diameter clamp knobs ensure that the portholes can be closed completely watertight.The aluminium frame is satin anodized and the clamp type installation ensures that no fixings are visible internally or externally. Supplied with an aluminium framed mosquito screen.

    (18 items) from AED 810.00
  • These portholes are available in two different executions. • With a stainless steel inner frame and “smoke” coloured 8 mm acrylic. CE classified A1.• With unframed 10 mm acrylic, colour “smoke”. CE classified A3. These portholes are suitable for a panel thickness from 3 to 18 mm. For the recommended screw sizes, please see the table below.

    (8 items) from AED 1,415.00
  • Portholes type PM and PX are supplied with hand-polished and anodized aluminium frames and “smoke” coloured acrylic of 10 mm thickness.

     AED 760.00
  • Portholes type PZ is supplied with hand polished and anodized aluminium frames and “smoke” coloured acrylic of 10 mm thickness.

    (2 items) from AED 670.00
  • Al frame is satin anodized portholes are fitted with friction hinges permitting to stay open in any position.For porthole types PM, PW, PX and PZ, an anodized aluminium framed mosquito screen is available as standard.

    (20 items) from AED 795.00
  • Vetus PQ portholes are made of stainless steel, have an acrylic window pane (“smoke”) of 8 mm thickness, and are provided with a stainless steel counter flange. The dimensions given at the dashed lines are the cut-out sizes. CE classified: A2 Mosquito screensMade of ABS and available for all sizes of PQ portholes. Easy “click-in” construction. Stainless steel internal thread screwScrew-in cover with thread M4, SS, for port holes, hatches etc. (pack of 50 pc)

    (4 items) from AED 500.00


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