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Chiller Systems

  • • Improved performance and up to 15 % higher efficiency• Continuous cooling capacity even in tropical conditions• Even more compact design• New improved electronics for easy installation and diagnosis via USB cable• Optional CAN-Bus for optimized adaptation to boat systems• Compressor noise is reduced by up to 25 %• Easy sea water and chilled water connections at one side• Strong stainless steel tray and condensate drain• High quality Epoxy paint protection• Vibration absorber and Silent block available as an option• Soft start devices available as an option

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  • • New V64 T and V77 T with innovative hybrid control logic• Large power modulation range: 8,500 up to 77,000 BTU• Unique hybrid concept reduces output by 89% during part load operation.• Variable speed BLDC compressors controlled by inverter technology• Zero electrical starting peak• Super quiet operation with little noise variations and sound cover housing• High system availability via dynamic control of HP / LP boundary conditions• Preventive maintenance monitoring system• Condensate free operation• Easy installation and maintenance• Low service and operation costs• Light and compact• Integrates Webasto s BlueCool Expert diagnosis and set up tool• Up to 3 ECO modes with adjustable amperage draw• 230 V 50 Hz or 240 V 60 Hz compatible for worldwide application• MyTouch as standard user interface with clear text display

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  • Provide fresh air to or extract air from the cabins Special fan design provides a high air flow at low noise  Low electrical power consumption Removable engine body allows easy maintenance Speed controllable motor, two speed, Class B, IP44

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  • Independent regulation of desired fresh/extract air flow Eliminates the influence of alternating back pressure, caused by e.g. blocked air filters Continuous air flow ensures high comfort inside the cabin No electrical or pneumatic wiring Direct insertion into the air duct, which allows an easy application

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  • • Solution for C-Series with Twin, Triple and Quattro compressors as well as for the V50 M• One complete kit with all necessary parts is supplied

     AED 2,019.00
  • • Reduction of electrical starting peak up to 70 %• For all BlueCool single-phase compressors• Fully 50 / 60 Hz compatible for worldwide application• Self-adjusting software adapts to compressor type and frequency input• Monitors supply voltage and protects against low voltage and locked rotor• Easy to install and to retrofit in BlueCool electrical boxes

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  • • Reduction of 50 % of vibrations transmitted to the hull • High performance damping elements specially designed for the vibration frequency and the weight of each unit• All absorbers can easily be retrofitted and mounted below the condensate tray. One complete kit with all necessary parts is supplied• The height of the unit will be increased by only 14 mm

     AED 393.00
  • The BlueCool MyTouch display is the new standard display for all new BlueCool A/C Series and is part of a complete electronic control system including the A/C controller card and connecting cables / sensors. • Standard display for all BlueCool A/C units• Full color, high resolution, interactive touch display• Individual customizable Multi Design Touch Display with 3 different user designs• Intuitive icons and menus• 3 different menu levels with• Easy intuitive operation for end customer• Advanced settings for crew member• Complete parameter access for technician with clear text message Customizable to many cover plate systems like • Vimar Eikon• Vimar Eikon EVO• Vimar Plana• Bticino Axolute

     AED 1,535.00
  • Includes: electrical box with controller card, MyTouch display with Webasto cover plate, display cable 5m, remote air temperature sensor 3 m. Max. switching current: 2 x 3.15 A. Multiple air handlers can be connected

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  • Reduction of starting peak up to 53 % Fully 50 / 60 Hz compatible for worldwide application Two soft start models cover 3-phase scroll compressors from 21 – 143 kBTU / h Self-adjusting software, soft start automatically adapts to compressor Monitors supply voltage and protects against overvoltage, overcurrent and locked rotor Rated operational voltage: 340 – 440VACrms, 50 / 60 Hz

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