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Aquavalve Electronic 12V with panel


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Part # 04.09.0293 | OEM # 90344

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The Tru-Design electronic aquavalve is designed and made in New Zealand for use in applications where remote “push button” diversion and control of the flow of water or effluent is desired. The Tru-Design Aquavalve is the most versatile valve on the market today.

The Tru-Design aquavalve is predominantly used in marine toilet applications where protection for the environment necessitates the need to control effluent discharge - in many countries this is governed by regulation. The effluent can be held in a holding tank for later discharge overboard or to a shore side facility. 

The Tru-Design aquavalve is moulded from a glass reinforced nylon composite. High strength, high-modulus glass fibers impregnated into the nylon provides dramatic strength, stiffness, toughness and dimensional stability.

The Tru-Design aquavalve is a excellent choice for modern boats as it can be integrated into a boats electronic systems, giving full control from one location. 

LED’s on the control panel clearly denote whether the valve is in the “holding tank” or “overboard” position.


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• Electronic activation of the aquavalve from included control panel
• Clear indication on control panel as to current valve position
• Versatility of installation with a vast range of hose and bend adaptors
• Compatible with manual aquavalve adaptors
• Stainless steel fastenings
• Each valve seal tested to check no o-ring leakage
• The valve has been tested to 300 psi
• Control panel, spanner & comprehensive installation & operation instructions included
• Fitting to be bought separately


Part number  Supply voltage Operating current Stand by current Stall current Weight
04.09.0293  12V dc   3.3 A  0.04  20 A 1.5 Kg
04.09.0294 24V dc  1.2 A  0.28 8.4 A  1.5 Kg


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All Aquavalve electronic EA015 plus control panelCP05 12V & 24V

Part number


AED 2,387.00

In stock

Part number


AED 2,387.00

In stock

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