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Toilet Control Panel for 04.01.0097

/ 04.01.0052/ 04.01.0061/ 04.01.00 62/ 04.01.0102/ 04.01.0103/ 04.01.0 049/ 04.01.0050/ 12/24V touch panel

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Part # 04.01.0065 | OEM # SET0137

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The specifications are identical to model SMTO, except that the electronic control box is mounted outside the toilet, keeping the footprint as compact as possible.
• Comfortable seat and lid.
• Easy to clean porcelain bowl.
• Super quiet macerator / discharge pump (60 dBA).
• Stainless steel macerator blade.
• Large capacity discharge pump.
• Very low water consumption.
• Supplied with a waterproof electronic operating panel (type WCP) or rocker switch (type WCPS).
• Easy to install.
• Simple maintenance.


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Part number 04.01.0049 04.01.0050 04.01.0055 04.01.0056
Model WCP12 WCP24 WCPS12 WCPS24
Voltage (V) 12 V 24 V 12 V 24 V
Power consumption (A) 25 A 12.5 A 25 A 12.5 A
Type of control Panel Panel Switch Switch
External Ø discharge Ø 19 mm Ø 19 mm Ø 19 mm Ø 19 mm
Water inlet connection Female G3/4 Female G3/4 Female G3/4 Female G3/4
Part number Model
04.01.0065 SET0137


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