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  • Applications Suitable for pumping aggressive liquids, for fresh or sea water. Bilge emptying, tanks, diesel oil intake, oil, etc. Construction features GB: Body pump of cast iron, internal parts of bronze. B: Body pump and internal parts of bronze. Super-Lario Self priming double acting pistons pump, recommended for high suction lift installation. (up to 9 m) also in case of complex plant (not back straight pipe line). 

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  • Developed for small day boats or where there is very little space available. The mounting bracket is attached to the housing with the hose connections making bowl removal easy in tight spaces. Flow rate : 1-40 lpmMax. pressure : 8 barMax. temperature : 40° CMin. temperature : 1° CConnections : 3⁄4” BSPCartridge : WS-CM

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  • Developed for powerboats and yachts up to around 15 meters. In this size of boat the cartridge will easily last 6 months In normal service. If accidental oil spillage occurs heavy contamination should be removed to preserve cartridge life. Flow rate : 1-40 lpmMax. pressure : 6.2 barMax. temperature : 40o CMin. temperature : 1o CConnections : 3⁄4” BSPCartridge : WS-C1

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  • Very popular for all boats over 15 meters, used by Prestige powerboat, yacht and Superyacht builders and in small commercial vessels. Required bilge pump head to be a minimum of 4 meters. Flow rate : 1-265 lpmMax. pressure : 6.8 barMax. temperature : 37° CMin. temperature : 1° CConnections : 11⁄2” BSPCartridge : WS-C2

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  • The WSS3 is used in larger boats and Superyachts. Megayachts and ships often use multiple sets of the Wavestream System 2 & 3 or choose from Wavestream range of stainless steel housings. The WSS3 Gives twice the cartridge life as a WSS2 in the same application. The WSS2 and WSS3 Wavestream systems are very popular with Superyacht builders. There is also the full range of stainless steel systems for the larger craft. WavestreamTM units are used as either stand alone primary systems, installed in the discharge line after the bilge pump, or as a secondary polishing filter after an existing oil water separator. This ensures complete protection from the discharge of oily water. Required bilge pump head to be a minimum of 4 meters. Flow rate : 1-265 lpmMax. pressure : 6.3 barMax. temperature : 37°CMin. temperature : 1°CConnections : 1-1/2” BSPCartridge : WS-C3

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  • Through the breather line, which is required for all fuel tanks on board boats, unpleasant diesel fuel smells may escape. Installation of a Vetus no-smell filter is the perfect remedy to this problem. The filter housing features Ø 16 mm, Ø 19 mm or Ø 25 mm connectors and the Vetus fuel hose is suitable as a breather line. The filter element can be replaced and must be exchanged once a year.Attention: diesel fuel and froth must NOT enter into the filter housing and its element. It is therefore imperative that the no-smell filter is installed in combination with the Vetus Splash- Stop. As the name alre

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  • Type NSFCAN is a pre-filled canisters with a measured quantity of activated carbon and special gel granules. The combination of gel granules and carbon provides a perfect  dual function. Traditional carbon filters often lose efficiency due to humidity and condensation. The gel granules in this new filter absorb the moistures which cause the efficiency loss and also ensure significantly less air borne moisture allowed into the fuel tank. Suitable for new and existing VETUS no-smell filters type NSFD Transparent cover so you can easily see when the special gel is saturated and replacement of the canister is necessary The filters reduce the risk of mould and ‘diesel bug’ in the tank (moisture in diesel fuel can be a perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria The smaller version type NSFCANS can be used with no-smell filter NSF16DS

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  • The spin on filter types are as follows:• These filters conform with all CE, ABYC and IMO standards.• The range is suitable for all diesel engines up to 5000 hp.• The transparent bowl allows easy checking for water contamination.• The patented fuel flow system increases the effective filtering surface by up to 5 times, compared with conventional filters.• Spin-on filters may be changed without the use of tools.• The filters come complete with all connectors.• Spin-on elements and bowls are replaced as a single unit. Therefore no more spills or leaks• Multi-filters can be replaced whilst the engine is still running.• All fittings feature O-ring sealing, for fast and leak-free installation without the use of tape or liquid gas  

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  • For boats that sail offshore, Vetus strongly recommends these dual filter systems. In rougher sea conditions, dirt and water accumulated in the fuel tank becomes agitated and can rapidly clog the filter with little warning.This may result in loss of engine power and all the dangers that may present. However, simply turning the changeover valve will switch over to the clean spare filter, without even having to stop the engine. These dual filters are supplied with a vacuum gauge as standard. When the gauge shows in the yellow zone (-0.2 to -0.38 kg/cm2), the recyclable filter element should be replaced.

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