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Filter no-smell NSF16D for diesel

suitable for Dia. 16mm vent hose

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Part # 04.17.0008 | OEM # NSF16D

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Through the breather line, which is required for all fuel tanks on board boats, unpleasant diesel fuel smells may escape. Installation of a Vetus no-smell filter is the perfect remedy to this problem. The filter housing features Ø 16 mm, Ø 19 mm or Ø 25 mm connectors and the Vetus fuel hose is suitable as a breather line. The filter element can be replaced and must be exchanged once a year.

Attention: diesel fuel and froth must NOT enter into the filter housing and its element. It is therefore imperative that the no-smell filter is installed in combination with the Vetus Splash- Stop. As the name alre


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Part number Model Diameter Dimensions (L x W x H)
04.17.0008 NSF16D Ø 16 mm 148 x 150 x 162 mm.
04.17.0009 NSF19D Ø 19 mm 148 x 150 x 162 mm.
04.17.0010 NSF25D Ø 25 mm 148 x 150 x 162 mm.
04.17.0011 NSF16DS Ø 16 mm 107 x 111 x 111 mm.


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