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Pump clutch manual 21.7 Gpm 1" BSP

port A&B pulley belt suitable for bilge & deckwash application

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Part # 04.16.0182 | OEM # 51580-2001

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Heavy duty bilge and deckwash pump belt driven from the engine, for leisure and commercial craft.

• 21.7 US gph (82 lpm) at 10 ft (3 m) total head at 1,500 rpm.
• Self-priming up to 2m vertical lift.
• Bilge debris present no problems to this robust bronze bodied flexible impeller pump.
• Dependable manual control will operate even under the toughest conditions.
• Clutch pulley will accommodate both A and B type pulley belts.
• Easily serviced and maintained.
• Neoprene impeller is fitted as standard.

Fitting : 1” BSP internal thread.
Sizes : 8” long x 5” wide x 7-1⁄2” high (198 mm x 120 mm x 189 mm).
Weight : 11 lb. (5 kg).


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