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  • • Suction and transportation of cooling water from outside (such as, connection skin fitting - cooling water strainer - cooling water pump)• Transportation of warm cooling water (e.g. between engine and keel cooler)• Suitable for suction and pressure• Suitable for salt, fresh water and bilge water• Suitable for all cooling fluids• Temperature resistant between -30° C and +120°C• Made of EPDM-rubber, with synthetic fabric and spiralled steel reinforcement• Operating pressure: 2.5 bar maximum

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  • For transportation of fuel, from tank to e.g. fuel filter, or to serve as ventilation line. Quality is ISO7840 type A1, suitable for both petrol and diesel. Inside made of NBR rubber, outside of fire retardant CR rubber. Fuel hoses which fulfil the requirements of Marine Fuel A1 have been successfully subjected to a fire test for 2.5 minutes and have a maximum permeability of 4 grams/m²/hour.

    (11 items) from AED 31.00
  • This type of hose is made of NBR rubber with spiralled steel inlay. Suitable for both petrol (E15 = max. 15% Ethanol) and diesel (B7 = max. 7% biodiesel) fuels. Temperature resistant between- 30°C and + 100°C. Meets the requirements of SAE J 1527 and ISO 7840-MARINE FUEL A2.

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  • (16 items) from AED 132.00
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  • This type of hose is made of a woven glass fiber fabric, impregnated with PVC. Suitable for Vetus shell ventilators and extraction ventilators. Withstands temperatures of between - 20° C and + 100° C.

    (2 items) from AED 383.00
  • Vetus silicone hose is made from high grade silicone rubber with woven synthetic and spiraled steel wire inlays. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as exhaust hose, cooling water hose or waste water hose. Due to the smooth gloss external finish, this type of hose is ideal for use in areas where appearance and cleanliness is important. The hose is extremely flexible, facilitating installation and is highly resistant against aging. It has a tremendous temperature range and can be used continuously from - 54° C to + 177° C (intermittently up to 250° C). Vetus silicone hose fulfills all requirements of the ISO13363 type Class B and SAE J 2006 R1 standards.

    (7 items) from AED 179.00
  • Made of PVC, coloured white, with steel spiral inlay. Suitable for temperatures of between - 5° C and + 65° C.

    (5 items) from AED 29.00
  • Especially recommended for transportation of biological waste, e.g. in combination with (marine) toilet installations. Made of SBR rubber with inlays of woven synthetic fabric and steel spiral. Withstands temperatures of between - 40° C and + 70° C.

    (5 items) from AED 52.00
  • Suitable for drinking water and temperature resistant between -30°C and +160°C. Therefore most suited for use with calorifier and hot water systems. Available in coils of 10 m. Made of EPDM rubber with an inlay of woven synthetic fabric.

    (2 items) from AED 75.00
  • Suitable for transportion of drinking and grey water on board, both suction and pressure. Made of0 transparent PVC with spiralled steel inlay. Temperature-proof between -5°C and +65°C.

    (14 items) from AED 10.00
  • Suitable for fluids in closed heating and/or cooling systems, such as air conditioning, central heating or combined cooling/heating systems. Temperature resistant between +3° C and + 80° C. For transportation of water and cooling fluids. Available in coils of 20 m. Made of EPDM rubber with inlay of woven reinforcement material. When used with air conditioning units, an insulating sleeve is required in order to avoid condensation on the outer surface of the hose. This is made of a combination of polythene and rubber, with a closed cell structure, and is available in 2 meter lengths.

    (2 items) from AED 108.00
  • PVC Air pressure hose for air and water, restricted chemical resistant. Non-toxic PVC quality. Longitudinal red and blue marking yarns. Extremely good quality.  Temperature range : -20°C / +60°C.

    (16 items) from AED 5.00
  • Flexible ducting allows quick and easy installation of ventilation blowers.

    (2 items) from AED 215.00
  • Suction/pressure hose - extremely flexible for connection to extraction ventilator.

    (2 items) from AED 2,468.00

Exalto Emirates stocks and supplies a wide variety of boat hose for many applications, including drinking water, raw water, hot water, cold water, waste water, fuel filling & fuel transfer for diesel and petrol, exhaust hose, high pressure air hose, sanitation hose or “no smell” hose, silicone hose, air conditioning hose, ventilation hose, air ducts & different sizes of hose clamps to suit different size of hose & hose accessories. So if you’re looking for quality marine hose at a competitive price-you’ve come to the right place.

Hoses come in various standard lengths of 10 mtr, 20 mtr or 30 mtr.

The material of the hose will depend on the specification and application. For e.g. cooling water or raw water hoses are made of EPDM-rubber, with synthetic fabric and spiraled steel reinforcement.

Fuel hoses are of approved type and the inside of these hoses is made of NBR rubber, outside of fire retardant CR rubber or NBR rubber with spiraled steel inlay.

Exhaust hoses are type approved and are flexible as well.

Silicone hose is made from high grade silicone rubber with woven synthetic and spiraled steel wire inlays.

Waste water hoses are made of PVC with steel spiral inlay.

Impermeable sanitary hose or no smell hose is made of SBR rubber with inlays of woven synthetic fabric and steel spiral.

Drinking water hose is made of transparent PVC with spiraled steel inlay.

Hoses for air conditioning/heating/cooling are made of EPDM rubber with inlay of woven reinforcement material.

High pressure water & air Polyflex hose is made of PVC is suitable for pressures from 21 to 60 bar.



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