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Engine inboard diesel VGT350 hp

6.6L V8 3500 rpm including BW bellhousing and coupling with oil cooler kit

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Part # 03.02.0020

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Originaly formed in 1992 with its focus on automotive engines, MarineDiesel continued to tread forward & with continuous development in 2001 MarineDiesel line engines came out of production as a finished product. MarineDiesel engines are engineered for high performance. They are the lightest, most compact power solutions you can buy. They feature state of the art technology, power & performance oriented design.

Marine Diesel engines start out as base engines from GEP & GM factories in the US. Engines are then modified for marine use, calibrated, painted with high heat marine paint, assembled by skilled diesel technicians before dyno-run & a final run in a test station which checklists before being boxed & ready to ship.

All MarineDiesel VGT Common-Rail engines are based on the 6.6L V8 configuration and are designed to be as compact and light weight as possible while maintaining durability and serviceability. The VGT550 is intended for light, very high speed vessels. A laptop based diagnostic tool is available for all VGT engines. J1939 and NMEA2000 CAN communication.


  • Variable Geometry Turbo, fast response
  • Stainless steel intercooler
  • High flow exhaust manifolds
  • High power to weight ratio
  • Custom specifications
  • Marine fuel grade F76 approved
  • Heavy duty design
  • Designed for commercial/military use
  • Fuel efficient
  • Dual engine mapping available -2 modes limited Hp and full Hp
  • Combat mode available - overrides engine warnings during missions


Part Number Model Displ.ltr Configuration Bore/stroke Max power at speed Max Torque at speed Weight Min.fuel consumpt. Exhaustemissions complian e
03.02.0020 VGT350 6.6 V8 103/98 mm 261 (350) kW/HP 3500 rpm 720 Nm 1400 rpm. 500 kg 215 g/kWh EPA Tier III* IMO RCD 2003/44
03.02.0021 VGT400 6.6 V8 103/98 mm 299 (400) kW/HP 3500 rpm 820 Nm 1400 rpm. 500 kg 215 g/kWh EPA Tier III* IMO
RCD 2003/44
03.02.0022 VGT450 6.6 V8 103/98 mm 336 (450)kW/HP 3500 rpm 980 Nm 1400 rpm. 510 kg 220 g/kWh EPA Tier III* IMO
RCD 2003/44
03.02.0023 VGT500 6.6 V8 103/98 mm 373 (500) kW/HP 3600 rpm 1130 Nm 1600 rpm. 510 kg 230 g/kWh EPA Tier III* IMO
RCD 2003/44
03.02.0024 VGT550 6.6 V8 103/98 mm 410 (550) kW/HP 3600 rpm 1180 Nm 1600 rpm. 510 kg 240 g/kWh -

 * Tier III Commercial E3
Type approvals: Lloyds, RMR, RRR, CCS (2015)


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All MarineDiesel VGT series


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