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Engine Controls, Cables & Accessories

  • This new high quality electronic engine control lever is suitable for both power and sailing yachts. Made from high grade stainless steel, it is equipped with the latest technology and the following features: Easy installation and configuration. Casing in hand-polished stainless steel (AISI 316). Communication via CANbus protocol. Suitable for mechanically controlled engines. Suitable for combination mechanical /electronic engine control. Suitable for fully electronic engine control. Suitable for mechanical or hydraulic gearboxes and stern drives. Suitable for operating 1 or 2 engines. Waterproof (IP67). Multiple helm station possibilities. dentical controls at all helm stations. Optional trolling valve control. Optional trim tab or bow thruster control.

    (7 items) from AED 4,460.00
  • Vetus single lever remote control for side mounting, with stainless steel (AISI 316) handle and housing. Vetus single lever remote control for side mounting with stainless steel (AISI 316) handle and plastic housing.

    (2 items) from AED 1,320.00
  • Vetus single and twin lever remote control for top mounting. The housing and the handle are made of high-gloss polished stainless steel (AISI 316). With cast aluminium housings and stainless steel (AISI 316) handles. All remote controls shown above, have as standard, a neutral safety switch, which prevents the engine from being started whilst the gearbox is engaged.All stainless steel handles are provided with a red knob. A black knob is available as an extra.

    (4 items) from AED 1,614.00
  • The TS control is the latest update of the control that has become the industry standard. This version was developed to make it suitable for the latest engine and gearboxes in the market today and to provide a quality finish second to none. Functions• Dual function, single lever control.• Operates both shift and throttle with one handle. Cables• Uses 3300 Maxflex, 3300S Maxflex Extreme or 4300 Maxflex Series Cables.• Fittings for these cables supplied as standard with the control.

    (8 items) from AED 620.00
  • The TC control is a heavy-duty lever control with positive brake and shut off position for heavy throttles (governors). The throttle lever, a red knob, can activate the brake by turning in a clockwise direction. The clutch lever, a black knob, has a detent so that the operator can feel the position of neutral, forward and reverse. Functions• Single designated function control.• For throttle, clutch and hydraulic application. Cables• Uses 3300 Maxflex, 3300S Maxflex Extreme or 4300 Maxflex Series Cables• Fittings for these cables supplied as standard with the control

    (5 items) from AED 367.00
  • without neutral safety switch

    (2 items) from AED 1,467.00
  • Corrosion resistant construction and high ef ciency. Durable UV resistant outers resist abrasion and withstand the effects of salt water, petrol and oil. Each cable is lifetime lubricated and sealed at the factory. Pretech cables are suitable for replacement of other cables; the threads and connections are identical.

    (152 items) from AED 65.00
  • Can be used for throttle use only in case of dual station command. Complete with stainless steeldouble cable clamp for both cables. Made of brass and stainless steel. Two dual station units per engine must be used in case of dual station command. One unit is required for the throttle lever and one for the gearbox  ever. Can be mounted on the engine or remotely from the engine. is for throttle use only; for gearbox use only. The gearbox unit is equipped with a  atch control. The function of this control is to isolate the unattended control by using a station selector and a Maxflex 3300 or a 33c cable. The station  elector and the cable have to be ordered separately.  

    (6 items) from AED 290.00
  • To control the latch control of the gearbox dual station unit. The station selector has one or two connection points for one or two Maxflex 3300 or 33c cables.

     AED 693.00
  • Can be used as a choke or stop cable.

    (5 items) from AED 71.00
  • Design - pairing form with function Timeless appearance Easy to integrate Backlit illumination Safety Proven BOSCH components ABYC compliant Backup hall sensor User experience Wi-Fi web server for diagnostics Auto-configuration Language-independent icons Plug and play installation

    (4 items) from AED 9,466.00
  • This high quality cable utilises a multi-strand wire core and a ribbed synthetic sheath to ensure that contact with the outer casing is kept to a minimum. Type LF is ideal for long and complicated runs and dual station installations.• Nominal travel 75 mm• Minimum bend radius 165 mm• Stroke 76.2 mm (3”)• Standard rod 10-32 UNF threaded ends

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  • Combines the action of the single lever control from either of two command stations and provides a single output to the engine throttle lever.

     AED 127.00


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