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Waterlock MGL Dia. 152 mm In

Dia. 203 mm Out hose connection rotatable output top and 45 deg. inlet, 130 L capacity

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Part # 02.04.0090 | OEM # MGL6458A

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Often in a modern high performance boat, with one or two large engines installed, there is very little space to spare in the engine room. Vetus waterlocks, model MG aredesigned to make even the most awkward installation possible. The outlet connection at the top will rotate through 360° and the inlet connection is at an angle of 45° upward. For a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces, we can supply these waterlocks with the inlet or outlet connection at an angle of 0°, 15° or 30°. Vetus waterlocks, type MG, may only be installed in water injected exhaust systems. They are made entirely of synthetic materials (no corrosion or galvanic action), have excellent sound reduction properties and cause minimal back pressure. The clamp bands are made of stainless steel. Provided with a drain cock for winter storage.


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Capacity: approx 23 Liters

Part number Model d D A B
02.04.0083 MGP9090 Ø 90 mm Ø 90 mm 270 mm 450 mm
02.04.0084 MGP102102 Ø 102 mm Ø 102 mm 270 mm 450 mm
02.04.0085 MGP5455 Ø 127 mm Ø 127 mm 270 mm 450 mm
02.04.0086 MGP102127 Ø 102 mm Ø 127 mm 270 mm 450 mm

Capacity: approx 75 Liters

Part number Model d D A B
02.04.0087 MGS5455A Ø 127 mm Ø 127 mm Ø 400 mm 700 mm
02.04.0088 MGS5456A Ø 127 mm Ø 152 mm Ø 400 mm 700 mm
02.04.0089 MGS6456A Ø 152 mm Ø 152 mm Ø 400 mm 700 mm


Capacity: approx 130 Liters

Part number Model d D A B
02.04.0090 MGL6458A Ø 152 mm Ø 203 mm Ø 500 mm 750 mm
02.04.0091 MGL8458A Ø 203 mm Ø 203 mm Ø 500 mm 750 mm
02.04.0092 MGL84510A Ø 203 mm Ø 254 mm Ø 500 mm 750 mm


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All Waterlock MGP for exhaust of dia 90 to 250mm


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