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Separator Gas / Water LGS7550 with

75 mm rotating connector & 51 mm drain

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Part # 02.04.0064 | OEM # LGS7550

Stock Status: On request

AED 1,468.00 Excluding VAT


Generator sets and marine diesel engines often produce disturbing, gurgling exhaust noises. The Vetus gas/water separator type LGS offers the ultimate solution, because it separates the injected raw cooling water from the exhaust gases. In addition, the LGS gas/water separator has great sound-deadening capacities and it functions as a gooseneck as well. The models LGS 40/45/50 are supplied with hose connectors with diameter Ø 40, 45 or 50 mm, which can rotate through 360° and they have a capacity of 7 liter. The cooling water drain pipe has a diameter of Ø 38 mm. The models LGS 60/75 have 360° rotatable connectors, with a diameter of Ø 60 or 75 mm. The capacity is 12 liters and the cooling water drain pipe has a diameter of Ø 50 mm. A stainless steel mounting bracket with synthetic straps is supplied as standard with all models.


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All Gas/water separator for marine engines and generator sets


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