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Horns & Accessories

  • Flush mounted electric horns. Plastic housing, stainless steel (AISI 316) diaphragm. Available in 12 Volt. Including white, black and chrome plated ABS cover.

     AED 175.00
  • Comes with both white ASA and black ABS screw-in grills    Grills have water resistant fabric liners    Easy installation: 2.75” diameter hole x 1” deep    12 volt, maximum amp draw: 4 amps    Louder dB(A) rating: 111 at one meter    Fundamental frequency: 370±20Hz    Mounts from the outside, grill screws on for easy install    Easy retrofit   

     AED 242.00
  • Model 11080  • Same as 10080 without grill• 4” from hole to hole

    (6 items) from AED 77.00
  • Model 11096 Includes stainless steel grill cover and plastic screw-in grill (11187)

     AED 60.00
  • • Electronic Piezo horn sound• One piece water resistant housing, grill is molded to horn• 107 dB(A) at one meter• Fundamental frequency: 550±100Hz• Mounts in a standard 2.25” opening• Draws less than one amp, maximum draw: 0.8 amp• Internal space requirements: 2.25” W x 2.25” H x 2” D• Grill dimensions: 4.875” W x 2.75” H x 0.5”D• Stainless steel grill cover (11185) sold separately, grilldimensions: 4.9375” W x 2.8125” H x 0.5” D

    (2 items) from AED 168.00
  • Model 10079 • Comes with both black ABS and white ASA snap-in grills• dB(A) rating: 107 at one meter• Fundamental frequency: 370±20Hz• Internal space requirements: 2” H x 3.375” W x 3.25” D• Distinctive marine horn sound• Enclosed sound unit• Easy installation or retrofit, mounts from the outside• 12 volt, maximum amp draw: 4 amps• Stainless Steel grill cover #11124 sold separately.

    (8 items) from AED 210.00
  • Model 11079 • Same as 10079 without grill• When purchasing 11079, grill must be ordered separately

    (9 items) from AED 117.00
  • Model 11095 • Internal space requirements: 2.25” H x 3.625” W x 3.5” D • Maximum amp draw: 3 amps • dB(A) rating: 105 at one meter • Fundamental frequency: 440±20Hz • Mounts from the outside, horn grill snaps on for easy installation • Easy retrofit • Grill must be ordered separately • 4” from hole to hole

    (9 items) from AED 78.00
  • Plastic grills• Water resistant fabric liner• Grill dimensions: 5” W x 2.625” H x .375” D Stainless steel grill• Installs over screw-in plastic grill• Requires plastic screw-in grill for installation• Grill dimensions: 5.0625 W x 2.75 H x .5 D

    (8 items) from AED 33.00
  • Model 10031 • Type 304 stainless steel diaphragm• Dimensions: 3.25” W x 1.75” H x 3” L• Maximum amp draw: 3 amps• dB(A) rating: 105 at one meter• Fundamental frequency: 440±20Hz• This horn is not designed for installation in exposed areas.

     AED 97.00
  • Model 10034 • Same horn motor as 11031 but includes grill mounting bracket• Grill must be ordered separately• 4” from hole to hole

    (3 items) from AED 79.00
  • (2 items) from AED 23.00
  • Model 10105 The Marinco FullBlast compressor driven air horns are the loudest and most complete line of 12V air horns available. All of Marinco’s air horns produce sound levels ranging between 120 and 127dB, which means all of Marinco’s air horns meet the ABYC and NMMA regulations for boats up to 20  eters/66 feet. Both 12 and 24 volt compressors are CE listed. Solid brass construction Non-corrosive Lexan polycarbonate diaphragm. LEXAN is a registered trademark of Sabic Innovative Plastics IP B.V., Netherlands Includes compressor, air tubing, fittings and hardware 12V compressor produces 9-11 PSI Dimensions: 17” L x 3.75” W x 3.75” H Maximum amp draw: 12 volt: 20 amps, 24 volt: 10 amps dB rating: 120 at one meter, 1/3 octave band Fundamental frequency: 315+/-15Hz

     AED 1,065.00
  • Model 10029XLP Marinco is the leading supplier of horns to the marine industry, with over fifty years of experience in designing and manufacturing sound devices specifically for use in harsh marine environments. Stainless steel is used for all critical components such as trumpets, motor cover, diaphragms, assembly and mounting hardware. In the case of the XLP trumpet horns, the horn is given extra protection through the complete over-molding of the internal motor cover housing. It is this extra process that provides the added protection needed to back up the five-year warranty.   • 5 Years Warranty• 100 percent stainless steel exterior• Type 304 stainless steel diaphragm• Dimensions:18.5” L x 8” W x 5” H• Maximum amp draw: 10 amps• dB(A) rating: 123 at one meter• Fundamental frequency: 370 +/- 20Hz ; 310 +/- 20Hz• Suitable for boats upto 20mtr/66 feet      

    (2 items) from AED 837.00
  • • Horn made of chromed plastic.• Housing made of chromium plated brass.• Mounting brackets of SS.• Supplied with relay.

    (6 items) from AED 427.00
  • Electric horns. Stainless steel (AISI 316). Available in 12 Volt with low pitch or high and low pitch sound

    (3 items) from AED 260.00


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