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Windlass Accessories

  • Docking alarm. Standard 60 mm (2.36”) marine instrument console. Choice of feet or meter count readout. Large, adjustable, backlit LCD display. Kit includes 1 console, 1 sensor and 1 magnet.

     AED 1,774.00
  • Correct sensor installation is fundamental to rode counter operation. To ensure the best possible sensor installation the Maxwell AA series products come with waterproof connectors prefitted to the sensor cables. No need for solder. Make sure you order the plug and play connecting cable with your new counter. All maxwell windlasses are rode counter ready with magnet fitted and sensor hole drilled. Note: Sensor not included.

    (4 items) from AED 183.00
  • These new, hand held wireless control units are ideal for remotely operating the up/down function of a single windlass (RCM2) or a dual windlass installation (RCM4). The RCM2 can also be used for control of a bow thruster, whereas the RCM4 can be used for controlling a windlass and a bow thruster or a bow and stern thruster simultaneously. These units are also suitable for the operation of other on board, electrically driven equipment.

    (2 items) from AED 1,240.00
  • All the features of the AA560 plus options to control a bow thruster or deck lights and anchor wash. High level wireless transmission security - 2.4 GHz ISM band. Hand held controller displays rode count plus signal strength and battery level. Console requires two AA batteries. Ergonomic shape with wrist strap connector. Water resistant to IP67. Rubber moulding for grip and non slip protection. Console holder and protective cover. Shockproof. IEEE 802.15.4 compliant. Kit includes: 1 hand held remote control and 1 base station (AA702), 1 sensor and 1 magnet. Note: Two base stations can be operated by one remote to allow control of two windlasses. Plug and play connectors, T-connectors and gender adaptors are also available.         

     AED 5,105.00
  • Anchor launching or retrieval from the bow when vision from the helm station is obstructed.• Use for windlasses, davits, thrusters and other marine equipment.• Electrical protection against back-emf.• Rubber over-moulding for shock protection and grip.• Stowage cradle.• Operate in parallel with all AutoAnchor™ products, toggle switches, foot switches or other control equipment.• Connect to dc, ac and Hydraulic systems.• Rugged 4m coiled cable and connectors.• All products are rated to IP67 including cables, plugs and sockets.• Deck socket with 2 m flying lead reduces potential for corrosion.

    (5 items) from AED 4,186.00
  • Easy to use, panel-mounted up/down switches for remote windlass operation from the helm, fly bridge or cockpit. Suitable for use with dual-directional  olenoids.• Manufactured from marine-grade materials.• Splash proof.• Suitable for 12 and 24 Volt dc use.• Up/down remote panel push button & toggle type

    (2 items) from AED 143.00
  • Maxwell heavy-duty, weather resistant units have a UV stabilised water proof diaphragm and are supplied complete with mounting instructions and  crews.• Rated at 150A maximum current and suitable for 12V or 24V applications.• Nickel-plated copper contacts ensure corrosion-free, reliable operation.• Available in UV stabilised plastic or polished stainless steel covered versions.• Uncovered plastic versions are also available. New Maxwell, compact up and down foot switches now available in black and white cover versions. Operates via solenoids thus allowing smaller iameter wiring.

    (7 items) from AED 258.00
  • For protection of the main conductor circuit for DC winches and the control circuit for hydraulic winches Mount as close as possible to the battery power source to ensure protection against short circuit and to reduce the risk of DC motor burn-out in the event of winch overloading Enables the battery, or electrical supply, to be isolated when winch is not in use Suitable for 12V or 24V DC systems

    (5 items) from AED 459.00
  • Dual Direction Solenoid, for use in conjunction with remote up/down panel, Auto Anchor™, rode counters, roving hand held remote control and/or foot switches to switch the motor in the required direction.• Can also be connected to capstans.• Heavy-duty solenoids, suitably rated for Maxwell winch motors.• Available in 12/24 V dc for permanent magnet & series wound motors.• Installation in a dry area is always recommended.

    (10 items) from AED 781.00
  • Chain snubbers are an alternative method of taking the load off the windlass and are recommended to secure the anchor while underway.

    (3 items) from AED 269.00
  • The 10-13 mm chain stopper is now available with integral anchor tensioner which is used to pull the stowed anchor tightly into the bow roller or anchor pocket preventing unwanted noise from the anchor pocket and unwanted noise from the anchor moving. A retro-fit kit is available to fit the tensioner assembly onto existing Maxwell 10-13 mm chainstopper bodies.

    (2 items) from AED 2,578.00
  • For use with RC8, RC10 and Liberty series anchor winches. Two sizes are available to suit the constraints of most foredeck configurations. Constructed of light weight, durable injection-moulded plastic, these handles float if accidentally dropped overboard.

    (2 items) from AED 74.00
  • The use of a swivel and joining shackles to join your anchor and rode will greatly improve anchor retrieval and help ensure that the rode lays neatly into  our anchor locker. Thus, they are highly recommended for use with Maxwell’s automatic rope/chain series windlasses. Two sizes (6mm - 8 mm/1/4” –  /16” and 10 mm - 13 mm/3/8” – 1/2”) are available to suit vessels up to 20 metres (65 feet). These robust single swivel anchor connectors, with  aptured pins, will not loosen under load and pull smoothly and easily over bow rollers. The chain swivel 01.08.0010 has been tested up to 1500 kg

    (2 items) from AED 131.00
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  • (4 items) from AED 8.00


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