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Windlass+capstan VWC3500 24V ACW

"100 mm TDC 1200W (10-13 mm short link chain) (anti-clockwise) Note: specify chainwheel size at the time of order

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Part # 01.01.0105 | OEM # P11136

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Model 3500
Maximum pull 1590 kg (3500 lbs)
Static hold 2200 kg (4840 lbs)
Chain short link 10-13 mm
Line speed(normal speed) 15 m/min or 50 ft/min
Power supply (dc) 12 or 24V
Motor (watts) 1200W
Net weight (electric) 48 kg (106 lbs)
For hydraulic version: 
Hydraulic pressure 138 bar or 2000 psi
Hydraulic flow 42 lpm or 11US gpm
Net weight (Hyd) 40 kg (88 lbs)

Note: 3500 VWC Suitable for 8-13mm Chain (Chainwheel selected separately)
Model VWC3500 & VWCLP3500 are also available in 200 TDC (Top deck clearance) in CW (Clock wise) & ACW (Anti clock wise) versions on request.
All VWC dc models are supplied with reversing solenoid & foot switches. All VWC models come with emergency crank handle & clutch control lever.
VWC windlass includes motor/gearbox, chainwheel and reversing solenoid. Please contact Exalto Emirates to select the chainwheels when ordering  our VW windlass. Other electrical accessories need to be ordered separately

 Model 3500
A 110 mm or 4-5⁄16”
B 254 mm or 10”
B1 (Low profile) 149 mm or 5-7⁄8”
C 83 mm or 3-9⁄32”
D 210 mm or 8-5⁄16”
E 281 mm or 11-1⁄8”
F 342 mm or 13-7⁄16”
G (Std deck clearance) 100 mm or 4”
G (Extra deck clearance) 200 mm or 8”
I 215 mm or 8-15⁄32”


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All VWC3500 series (for handling of chain only rodes)

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