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Windlass RC6 24V 500W 6mm chain

12mm rope 500W chainwheel only

5.0 (5)

Part # 01.01.0002 | OEM # P102570

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  • The all-new stainless steel RC6 utilizes 6mm/7mm (1/4”) chain spliced to 12mm (1/2”) three strand or 8-plait rope.
  • The revolutionary, and patented, new Wave Design &Trade; chain wheel is able to accommodate a wide range of chain pitch differences, within the specified chain size diameters, suitable for use with the RC6.
  • Providing most of the features of the larger RC8, the RC6 has been designed with the smaller, trailer boat market in mind.
  • The in-line, vertical gearbox and motor means quick and easy installation by either the boatyard or the DIY aftermarket customer.
  • An inexpensive, high performance and great looking windlass: the RC6 is built for durability and years of trouble-free use.


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Model RC6
Maximum pull 350 kg (770 lbs)
Chain short link 6 mm
Static hold 700 kg (1540 lbs)
Rope size (nylon)* (3 strand or 8 plait recommended) 12 mm or ½"
Chain speed (anchor retrieval) 24 m/min or (79 ft/min)
Power supply (dc) 12 V or 24 V
Motor power 500 W
Net weight 8.5 kg (42 lbs)

Every Maxwell RC6 automatic rope/chain windlass includes motor/ gearbox and reversing solenoid. Other electrical accessories need to be ordered separately.

A 196 mm 7-3⁄4”
B 80 mm 3-3/16”
C 145 mm 5-3⁄4”
D 209 mm 8-1/4”
E 65 mm 2-1⁄2”
F 39 mm 1-9/16”



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All RC6 Vertical rope/chain series

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AED 3,895.00

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AED 3,895.00

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