Heavy duty water locks

The new line of VETUS HD waterlocks is made from a specially blended composite that is heat resistant up to 260 ° C. While the NLP waterlock design is already well known for its silencing features, versatile installation options, and extremely low backpressure, it now adds mechanical properties that can meet any challenge and puts it in a unique position in the market!


  • Product
    Part Numbers
  • Heavy duty water lock, Model: NLP40HD,

    Ø D 40 mm, Capacity 4.5 L

  • Heavy duty water lock, Model: NLP45HD,

    Ø D 45 mm, Capacity 4.5 L

  • Heavy duty water lock, Model: NLP50HD,

    Ø D 50 mm, Capacity 4.5 L

  • Heavy duty water lock, Model: NLP50SHD,

    Ø D 50 mm, Capacity 10 L

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